Bookstagrammer vs. Writer

I’ve struggled to find my place in the writing world. The internet, maybe more specifically. It’s a hard place to survive. It’s crowded with all the best seats taken. You can get lost from the snack stand to your seat. Sometimes the noise is so loud you can’t even hear your friends, not even yourself.

I can get lost and scared in the sea of cute puppies videos and negative comments. Where do I fit? I tried to be a Disney Instagrammer because I had an annual pass and a camera. But, that niche is highly saturated. It was hard to standout. I took photos of flowers and spots that you would only see if you stopped to look. While most of the other Disney Instagrammers had photos of themselves or the characters and parades. Not that there was anything wrong with that but it wasn’t me. Trying to copy what everyone else was doing wasn’t going to work. I stopped posting and just gave up on instagram.

Eventually, I found myself back to following bookstagrammers . Trying to find another niche that I could fall into. There were loads of positive vibes from everyone in the bookstagram world. But as I was anxious to be apart of that world & start taking photos of books, I realized that wasn’t me either. I definitely found a place that was safe and gave off happy vibes. I realized that if I tried to copy people, again, and took photos of books that I would be devoting ALL my time to just the photos when all I wanted to do was be a writer. “No,” I told myself. “You are a writer! Not a bookstagrammer. Post photos that you want. Not what you have to!” All that anxiety of trying to fit in went away. I realized that I was going to make my own niche, not one that I forced myself into.

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