The Best French Toast… Ever?

I saw a tweet that my boyfriend had retweet. It had posed the opinion, “French toast is better than pancakes”. What an educated idea! I thought as I took two second of my precious time to retweet it.

French toast! Now I absolutely have to eat french toast. I proposed the meal idea to my mom and she agreed but only because I was going to make it. How hard could it be?

Well, let me tell you all just one thing since my blog is new. I can cook but I can’t cook well. Whenever I do a new recipe, which is all the time, I always mess it up somehow. ALWAYS.

But I always manage to convince myself that I am an excellent cook or baker. So, here I am reading off a recipe that I found from Pinterest (favorite site ever!). The recipe was called “Easy Country French Toast” from a lovely site called Country Recipe Book. Of course, I read the recipe AS I was cooking cause what other way are you suppose to do it? It seemed to be going well.

Mixed the ingredients? Good.

Dipped the bread on both sides? Good.

Cook bread beautifully on a pan? Go-… Nope. No.

How could my bread not look like the bread in the website? I mean… like… But how could you get bread to look that perfect anyways??

I cried as I braved onwards, cooking a total of 6 slices of bread! (Did I mention that it was just thick white toast not texas toast? Hmm…)

I thought, “It’s ok, Ash. Put a little bit a butter on it and some syrup and it should be great!” The smell of the bread was really fantastic so how could it not be?

Mom finally came home from work and it was time to devour the meal that I spent countless hours (30 mins) on the stove making! Heated up the toast, laid down some blueberries, grabbed the syrup from…

What do you mean we don’t have syrup? Like none? At all?

So, when I tell you I mess up a recipe somehow and always, I really do mean it.

We sat there eating our dry french toast with some butter and blueberries. In all honesty, it wasn’t terrible. It had a lot of flavor and still smelled amazing. I asked mom if she liked it and I don’t entirely believe her but she said she did. You know when you have something that is down right amazing and you just want to keep eating it and gush about how great it was? Yeah, she didn’t do that so I’m gonna take that as a no.

BUT, it’s okay because I keep trying. The recipe really was so simple that I wouldn’t mind trying it again. It’s just another adventure in being Ash.

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