Writer’s Block! Send Help!

Ugh! It’s been so hard to get myself to sit down and start writing even just one blog post! I’m starting to overthink my writing and what I’m writing. It began with a small break from writing a post and then it led to procrastination.

I had stopped writing posts because I was busy celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday. He finally got some time off so we went out and had fun. Once he went back to work I had to start studying again for the CBEST. I only had four days until the test so I needed to focus on that so I didn’t have to take it again. Well, I passed! But, it has been almost a whole week since the test day and I still haven’t written anything. Why?

I do this everytime. I restart my blog (yes, I’ve done it a few times). Write a few blog posts and then I stop. No more posts for us until I feel bad enough that I make a whole new blog and the process starts all over again. I’m writing this post because it might help me break out of that habit.

I want to become a great writer. And, I know I won’t be able to do that if I don’t write ever.

How do you keep the writing juices following?

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2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block! Send Help!

  1. We all have writers block at some point. I tend to overthink blogging far too often which stops the creative juices flowing. I haven’t found a cure for this yet unfortunately. Sometimes the keyboard is on fire and I have so much to say, then other times I open the laptop and nothing happens. All I would say is don’t over think too much and dont worry too much about it, quality over quantity. Ian

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