New Jewelry Designs

I wanted to let you guys know that I have three brand new jewelry designs up on the shop!

The first is a long drop/dangle earring. The largest bead is a very soft matte pink at 8mm. Two other beads are 4mm of very shiny dark purple and gray. The last bead is a star-cut clear 6mm bead. Combined they make a wonderful combination that is 3 inches long.

The second is a smaller but still beautiful piece that seems to be a little more colorful. It’s 2 inches of 5 beads. The first four beads are 4mm if soft purple. At the end of the the piece is a 4mm teardrop crystal that is just slightly clear.

The last piece may almost be too simple but it has an important piece to it. At the top it has a gorgeous pink quartz, or rose quartz, stone bead at 6mm. According to Crystal Vaults, the rose quartz is usually referred to as the heart stone because it inspires love with others as well as with oneself. The earring is then closed by a 6mm long crystal bead.

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