My Christmases

Currently, I live about an hour and a half away from my grandparents. Years ago my mom and I lived with them. So, of course, every big holiday, Thanksgiving and Christmas, we try to make it down to spend time with them. Christmas was always amazing when we lived with them. I think that’s why it’s hard to see them now.

We had so many traditions at that house. Mom and I would put up Christmas lights in the front yard. Grandma and I would put up the old fake tree that always seemed gigantic. We would spend hours just putting up ornaments with eggnog and listening to classic Christmas music. When that was all done I would sit with grandpa for hours talking about anything and everything. It didn’t matter that it never snowed because it was Southern California. No matter how hard I tried to wish for it, it never came. No, all that mattered was being together.

I remember waking up Christmas morning excited but waited patiently for the adults to get their coffee so we could open presents. Then, a few hours later my cousins and their parents came over for dinner. It was the best time.

Now, living in the high desert I get snow (sometimes) but Christmases have definitely changed. That’s what makes it hard about going to see my grandparents during Christmas. I’m not a kid anymore and that’s not my house. And I have to realize that for some it might be their last Christmas.

Now, that’s what makes Christmas special. Is that for one day a year I get to feel like a kid again. I know that even though Christmas isn’t what it used to be the happiness is still there. For one day, I know why we travel down to see them. Because even though I avoid it and my mom won’t admit it, we miss them.

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