Switching to Creative Writing Changed My Life

Before I started college, even while I was attending college, I thought about my major. Probably because it was the MOST important part of college. Your major decides your classes, decides which bathrooms in which buildings you’re going into, and decides how people judge you for the rest of your life (or at least until you’ve finally landed a good job).

My first major was linguistics because I was obsessed with Kpop and I learned how to read Korean. I felt pretty good about myself, completely ignoring the fact that I still hadn’t learned Spanish when I grew up with a Spanish speaking grandma. “I learned how to only read one language, I can totally become fluent is SO many more,” I thought. Before I could even start my major classes, I changed my mind.

Now it was a toss up between history and English. English? Nah, that would be too easy. History, well, I thought I was pretty good at it. I wasn’t very good at dates and years and such. BUT, I did go traveling to a few states with my mom when I was younger. I considered myself a little bit of a history buff. You seeing a pattern here?

I started taking history classes in community college so that I could transfer to a Cal State as a history major. I wasn’t too happy with the classes because I was doing world history mostly. It was when I had to do micro and macro economics that I began to doubt myself. Those classes involved math and I was very lucky to have passed them because 2+2 = fish, okay?

However, I still wanted to continued with my major as history when I transferred. Of course, I only lasted one quarter. And, in the Winter of 2017 I began my journey as a creative writing major. Finally! Why though? Well, I had been avoiding it. I love reading books. As a child, that’s all I wanted to do was get gift cards to Barnes & Noble’s and spend hours deciding on what books I wanted to get using the $25 limit. It was amazing.

I would also write stories. I never thought that I needed to get a degree in writing because you don’t need a degree, or so I thought. As soon as I started my first quarter as an english major, all of my stress disappeared. The work felt so easy. I didn’t have to write many essays. It was mostly reading, discussing, and responding to what was read. I couldn’t have asked for a better match than creative writing.

Everything has just clicked since I started on this path. I understand that writing is right for me but now I just need put myself out there and make it my career.

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