One of Those Days…

Some days I feel really accomplished. Mostly because of all the things I can clean or fix around the house. Feels good because it is just my Mom and me. And, while we’re waiting for everything to go back to normal. I am working on what was to be my summer to do list. Now, it is my spring to do list. It is truly crazy how much can be done in a mere two weeks!

Today, Mom and I finally finished the garage. Feels strange to say that cause the garage is never done. But we’ve cleaned it, it’s honestly such a difference from when we started! I would also like to add that we’ve been weeding since the start of the two weeks and that is taking WAY longer than the garage, oddly and frustratingly.

Despite all that I’ve completed, I still find myself asking, how am I such a moron? For example, as we were walking back inside from doing said weeding, I walked straight into the door jam, mashing my left arm because I was sweet talking my dog. Later, the same day, I ran into another door jamb but this one was to my bedroom. I’ve lived in this house for years and I still walk into walls and cut corners because I’m a moron and seriously clumsy!

Also! My Mom doesn’t entirely know about this moronic idea (mom don’t yell at me when you read this) but I’ll tell you about it anyways. My boyfriend is helping me upgrade my twin bed into a king bed. Yesterday, the giant mattress arrived. We set it in the garage because the bed-frame hadn’t arrived yet. But my mom wouldn’t be able to park her car in the garage, I needed to move it. SO! While my mom hopped into the shower, I thought it was a genius idea to move the mattress myself!

Just picture this okay. A 5’2″ girl lifting up a 7ft box that is however heavy a king mattress is, from the concrete floor onto a flimsy dolly. The dolly is probably 3.5 – 4ft tall? Once I got it onto the dolly, I needed to roll it over a 5″ lip into the kitchen, making a sharp turn from the door into the actual kitchen. This… this is where I ran into trouble.

Correction… This is where I ran into my first problem.

I needed to see where I was going so I led the dolly from behind and leaned the mattress against my back. As I passed the oven, I could feel the mattress start to slip as I turned around to face this monster of a box, it tried to lean itself against the oven. I tried, ever so gracefully, to drop it down to the floor without starting a fire or breaking myself. I did it too! Without a loud bang? Not so much. I decided to forgo the dolly and push the giant box myself.

I got about 10 feet before I couldn’t move it anymore. Thankfully, I had some arm strength left and lifted it all the way up and shimmied it to my bedroom door. I’ll point out that up until this point the box was on concrete floor. Now I needed to lift it over another lip and onto carpet. Once I got it in the doorway, I had to shimmy it again all the way against a far wall of my room before my mom came out to see me looking like a moron. At this point the shower had stopped running and she was soon to come out of her room.

But, did I do it without getting caught? Yes. Did my Mom still give me her disappointed face when she eventually found out that I moved the mattress by myself? Yes.

And even though I can still be a moron I still moved the mattress all by myself!

Later this week I’ll put together a metal bed-frame. I’ll you guys know how it goes.

Stay Safe,


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