What is Rain?

The title sounds like a “Forky Asks a Question” episode. But, seriously. What is rain? Most importantly, what is rain to dogs? Do they know what it is? Or, is it just random water on their heads?

My dog, Pumpkin, is very smart. But when it comes to going outside in the dark or the rain, she’s like, “I can’t do it, Mom!”. She knows she’s a dog, right? The rain is a whole thing with her. She will go potty on her own if it’s sprinkling but if it is anything more than that it is a no go. Absolutely not going potty. So, when it started raining today, I put on her little jacket that I made her and my own, grabbed my umbrella and we headed outside. She was like, “Yeah, I can do this. Not so bad” It looked like she had this covered. I decided to head back under the porch to wait for her.

Nope. I was too far away. She came running back like she was being chased. I tried convincing her to go back because I knew she still needed to pee. But no. Nothing. Not a chance in hell. I let her back into the house. Pumpkin ran around all crazy for a few minutes because she was wet. Shortly after that she took a nap. I took the chance to work on my never-ending to do list for a couple of hours.

When she finally decided to wake up, she looked at me, “I need a walk”. I’m telling you that’s exactly what she said, okay? She wanted this even though it was raining worse than when I took her outside before her nap. Regardless, she still wanted and needed another walk. Caving, I got both of us dressed. Opened the garage. Walked into the rain and… Yup. That’s when she realized that it was, in fact, raining over here too. We only for 15 minutes. Pumpkin was so confused. I bet she was thinking, “Why am I wet? Why”.

Despite her annoyance, I knew she needed that second walk. As soon as we came back, she ran around again, ate her dinner, and then completely passed out.

But I guess in some ways the rain does strange things to humans too. Rain always puts me in a writing mood. I crave soup and grilled cheese for dinner when the weather changes. Rain is very dreamy and makes the world seem different for a little while. Hmm, maybe the dog is not so crazy after all?

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