Have You Noticed the Butterflies?

I was out on a walk with my dog when I noticed those little creatures fluttering around. They come around this time every year because they are migrating. At first I thought that it was just springtime and that it had finally started to warm up. It only clicked a day or two later. Oh! Right! They’re migrating. Now, I look forward to seeing them every time we go for a walk.

What’s truly amazing is how we forget that they exist until we start to see so many of them. As I walked one day I realized that we don’t think about them everyday. We don’t blast it on the news with, “Heads up! The butterflies will be migrating in a few days”. They aren’t on our calendar and they don’t have one. Nature continues on even though human life has seemed to come to a deadly halt. These tiny beautiful creatures have no idea what we’re facing. All they know is that they need to go north to breed and make new life.

It’s a small but important reminder that life is going to continue on once this is all over. Life feels like it is falling apart in all kinds of places and there is nothing we can do about it except stay home.

But, next time you go outside and see a butterfly, remember that they are going to stop by every year.

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