Food Sent From Heaven

Do you have a favorite food? Whether it be a simple slice of bread or a fresh glass of orange juice. A food or a meal that sometimes you just have to have not because it is fuel for the body but because it is so divine that it makes you truly happy when you eat it.

I have a few favorite foods. They mostly include bread, cheese, and pasta. But one dish, I probably could eat all my life is macaroni and cheese. The Stoffeers mac n’ cheese is probably the fanciest cheese I’ve ever had. Most of the time I just have kraft mac n cheese from the box. Sometimes even the easy microwave version, cause you know, when cravings call.

I know it’s not healthy by any stretch of the imagination. The more and more I try to make healthy food choices, the more I have to push the idea that I shouldn’t eat it and the more I want it then I don’t care that it’s not healthy. The warm creaminess of the cheese sits in my stomach and wraps me in a blanket of comfort. Even if my day was filled with stress, having mac n’ cheese for dinner makes my day a little brighter even for a few moments.

I’m sure you have a favorite food that makes you feel that way too. Because food, no matter how see it, comforts us in ways we can never truly understand but only appreciate.

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