I’m a Craft Woman, Sorta…

In the past few years, I’ve really gotten into crafts. By crafts, I mean sewing, crocheting, and jewelry making. All sorts of things that I really haven’t mastered.

We have a room that we like to call the office but it’s really just filled with all my failed projects. Shelves full of yarn, sheets of fabric, beads on beads. I get so obsessed with a “hobby” that I want to buy all of the tools I need for it. When I got my sewing machine, my boyfriend was sweet enough to go with me to Joann’s to buy a ton of fabric so I have options. Sadly, I have not used up all the fabrics like I thought I would. They stare at me whenever I walk into the room. “It’s been two years, woman! Why haven’t we been sewn yet?!” I know they’re angry with me.

Just above them are the rolls of yarn that I thought I would need for all the cute crochet projects that I saved on my pinterest page. They too haunt me when I come into the room.

Currently, I’ve been working on my jewelry making skills. I think I’ve been making progress too! My skills have gotten better and I’m enjoying it. My problem is that I get this idea into my head that if I become really good at a hobby I can sell my stuff online and be able to work at home. However, that hasn’t been the case.

I like to think of myself as someone who can sew and crochet and be this super crafty woman where I can make anything that I want to, like the stuff on Pinterest. But, I’m not that crafty. I am resilient though. If I put the craft stuff away for awhile I do come back for it every few months. I’m accepting it. Accepting that I might not be able to turn my hobbies into a successful business. That I’m not gonna save myself, financially, with these hobbies. I think that idea is what drowned them. I have to enjoy them before I can really turn them into something.

So, for now my mini-successful projects will be gifts for those accepting enough to look past the flaws. It really is a good feeling to make something with my hands and watch people’s faces light up. That’s all I could ask for.

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