Morning Coffee

Steaming hot water pours over

the magical powder mix of beautiful browns.

Turning into a powerful liquid that

fills a crystal clear glass pot.

Its aroma escapes to

pull in those who are still asleep.

The sleepy follow it

back to its home.

Pouring the liquid into a smaller

white porcelain cup.

Friendly steam reaching up as

a reminder of morning.

Many choices lay before the

soon to be awakaned.

Sweet Cinnamon.

Tangy Nutmeg.

Creamy Milk.

Maybe, just a little bit of

sweet sugar.

To add to the wonderful liquid.

A silent, beautiful friend who is

always there in the morning.



Allowing the first few moments of

the day to be savored.

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I'm a writer who loves dogs, coffee, and books. All of which inspire me in my writing. I vow to create a blog where those like me can come to enjoy reading and writing.

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