The Danger of Wifi

Every few days I open my internet browser to a cute little outlined dinosaur telling me that I don’t have internet. My first thought is, “Oh, man! The wifi is out again.” Then, my eyes drift up to the little signal that’s not glowing white but is a dim grey. Not even trying to find a connection when I realized my mother, once again, turned off the wifi.

Now, I am going to try to remain as respectful as possible in this post. I would also like to add that my mother suggested I write this post because she thought it was so funny.

I bought my own laptop for school. A very nice and expensive Mac. It’s so beautiful and amazing. I had waited a very long time to finally get a nice laptop. My first one was a nice but still sad $500 windows laptop. It was great for my first few years at college and gave me enough time to save up money to buy a much nicer laptop.

I’m getting to a point. Trust me…

My mom’s laptop was one of the first Apple laptops. By the time I bought my new laptop her’s was dying. Eventually, she stopped using hers all together and started using mine. Yes, I’m being a bit of a brat because the only time she ever uses the laptop is when she is home from work and that’s only two days a week.

HOWEVER, when she does, I notice. The wifi is almost always turned off when I turn the computer back on. It bothers me to the core… I just don’t understand why she does it. When I… expressed my frustration to her, she started laughing because I think she knows it bothers but she’s going to do it anyways.

She turns the wifi off and then shuts the computer. Now, I don’t know much about computers and hacking and what people can and cannot do. I don’t. But, I just don’t see the point of turning off the wifi when the computer is off because hackers can’t get into my computer anyways right? Please don’t prove me wrong. I think it’s funny how she is so cautious about what could happen. Whereas when I’m on the computer, I don’t think about it. It doesn’t bother me.

It’s funny how each generation has a different thought processes. My grandmother calls me to tell me that I need to cover up my camera because people can hack into the camera and watch. Now, I know that’s a real thing. We don’t see it in just computer cameras anymore. Which is definitely scary.

But I don’t take my computer to the bathroom or change in front of it. So, I’m not worried about it. It definitely is curious to see the cautiousness coming from my mother and my grandmother (who doesn’t even own a computer).

The sucky part is I don’t have strong evidence to prove to her that nothing is going to happen if she leaves the wifi on when she shuts the computer. While it doesn’t make sense to me, I’m sure there are plenty of habits that I do that bother my mom to the core.

Love you, Mom!

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