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Stealing Snow Book Review

picture of the book stealing snow

Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige


My First Thoughts:

When I first picked up Stealing Snow, a few thoughts entered my mind. First, the cover was absolutely gorgeous. Second, snow equals Snow White right? Third, but why are the colors blue and does that silhouette look a lot like Elsa?

Well, it took me awhile to realize that the story is an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen. As surprised as anyone might be, I never read said story or truly knew what the story entailed.

Stealing Snow is an unbelievable modern retelling of a beautiful classic. If I could just sum up my review in one sentence that would be the one.

The beauty in not knowing what the story was based from, is that this adaptation became all its own. I held no expectations of what the book should or should not include.

When I did my research before writing this post, I came across a wonderful post about, The Snow Queen by Cait at The Hopeful Heroine. You can read her post here.

The book is even more captivating after learning how well Danielle Paige did in recreating a classic for a new generation. The main character changed, giving readers a new perspective. No longer is Gerda at the forefront but the Snow Queen is leading the way for readers.

The Story:

The story starts in a familiar and very modern environment but quickly slips into an alternate world filled with magic, good and evil, the grey area between the two parts. The readers getting little hints here and there of what’s really happening. Stealing Snow steers far from what we commonly read in YA novels. One love interest, a specific unwavering goal, and tying up loose ends.

No, those don’t quite fit into these 375 pages of ups and downs. I continued to turn pages and just like the main character, Snow, I found myself pulled in different directions never set in one ideal. Once I closed the book, I knew I fell from a cliffhanger reaching for the sequel.

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