Thank Goodness Fall Has Finally Arrived

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Thank goodness fall has finally arrived. Ugh, I’ve been so tired of summer and the stupid heat. In California, our summer reached triple digit heat for a few weeks. Don’t get me wrong, summer is great with swimming, refreshing drinks, and trips to the beach. Although that isn’t exactly how our summer went this year. Fall presents a different kind of feeling for me. A much needed change in the weather, for one. But, the cold isn’t the only thing I enjoy when the leaves fall.

Sweater Weather

I’m an autumn. That’s a thing they say, right? I love burgundy. Never loved a color so much in my life. It’s such a fall color though. Fall and Winter are incredible because you can cover up with the coziest of fabrics. You can look like a giant puffball of clothes and no one bats an eye. I’ve never been comfortable with my body so sweaters and pants have always been my besties. I have a way better wardrobe for fall and winter than I do for summer. Oddly enough for someone who lives in California. I also overheat easily so the cold is comforting to walk through. I can’t function when I’m hot. But, can you guess how many sweaters I own?


Last but most certainly not least is my baby, Pumpkin. Yes, my puppers’ namesake is an overly price, overrated sugary drink but I think it fits her perfectly. I like to think that she’s orange but she isn’t, she really isn’t. She’s got a beautiful tan coat that when bathed sparkles with different shades of light browns. I loved pumpkin everything so much that I named my dog after the fascinating seasonal fruit. Now when I see something with a pumpkin on it, I think of my baby and I certainly don’t mind it.

Thank goodness fall has finally arrived so I can enjoy these things a little more.

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