Its a COVID Thanksgiving, Pass the Sanitizer.

I haven’t talked about all the chaos that is the year 2020. Because, for me, it really has been all over the place with the good and the bad and the nasty. I “lost” my job in March because of the school shutdowns. But, I was one of the lucky ones because I was able to get unemployment rather quickly.. My mom and my boyfriend were, thankfully, working overtime as essential workers. I didn’t have to worry financially.

I was even sticking to my New Year’s goal to lose 50 plus pounds. I was doing a good job, down 30 pounds so far. I was able to save enough money to buy a new car too. Cause my old one was about to kill me with the no a/c in the California summer heat. The cherry on top of it all was about a month ago when my boyfriend and I went to San Francisco, he proposed to me. We’ve been together 8 years. EIGHT YEARS. To say that I’m excited to be engaged is an understatement. Floating on that high until about the 16th of November when my fiancé and I became sick with covid. Still sick with covid.

We were… I was gonna show off my new jewelry piece to all the family members. Nope. DID NOT HAPPEN. So, we ended up doing what we have been doing for the past few years, stay home. This year it was a bit different because Joe officially moved in with my mom and I. We could not visit my grandparents at all because we don’t want them getting sick.

I am thankful that Joe and I haven’t had to be admitted to the hospital. His symptoms were milder than mine. Just the day before thanksgiving, I was having nonstop nausea and migraine pain. The only way I could ease it was just to sleep. I’d sit there in bed while Joe tried every remedy that his mother, a nurse, told us to try and I would just cry because my symptoms had just gotten worse. I didn’t know when it would stop. I didn’t know if it would ever ease up.

My mom’s covid test results came back positive, unsurprisingly, only a few days ago. She is so strong, you wouldn’t even believe she’s sick. As I sit here typing this, I wonder what is to come next in-between the days of eating leftover turkey and unwrapping gifts. What does the rest of 2020 have in store for the Reed family?

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