Trying to Write Short Stories

My dream, when I was a little girl, was to write a novel and then become rich and famous. I really wanted to be the youngest author ever to write a book but my procrastination and insecurity go in the way. Every time I would write the beginning of a story, I would come back to it and rewrite it over and over. Never making any progress on the story. Forever not achieving my dream at 11 years old.

Even now, I am taking too long to write this post. Because I have irrational fears.

In college, I ended up focusing my creative writing major in poetry because I needed a 4th class and fiction writing wasn’t available. Oddly enough, I learned that I could actual write poems. Who knew?

I only took one fiction writing class. As it did progress my writing, it did not progress my writing enough. I want to start writing short stories and develop those skills. I’m will start posting my short stories here. Not in hopes of praise but of positive criticism.

Hopefully, I will be able to post a short story soon to this site. I am working on one short fiction story that I’m excited and nervous to post.

Please keep a look out for it!

What kind of short stories do you read? Favorites? Not so favorites?

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