Another Christmas, Come and Gone

Oh Christmas! How you bring so much joy and so much sorrow. I look forward to Christmas every year. There is this odd sense in the air that makes me forget most of my troubles. I want to sing all the Christmas songs, drink eggnog, and wait for snow. Every year, I do just that. This year was no different. Christmas is always a great escape. To reach out to loved ones and just spend time with each other. Getting fat off of heavily-sugared cookies and pies.

The saddest part of it all is that it’s over in a matter of hours. And, as I placed the last of my decorations in a box for the next year, I realized life is going back to normal. No more Christmas songs and eggnog. No more beautifully colored houses on the drive home. No more red and green or wishes to Santa.

Despite all my negativity about the ending of Christmas, I want to make my year more special. I want to feel as happy as I do during Christmas but all year long. Of course, I can’t have eggnog and cookies everyday. But once a week? Maybe…

I don’t want to live day in and day out. I want to feel excited to get it up in the morning. Wanting to enjoy life, no matter what I have. If I learned anything from this year it is that I can’t wait for anything. I want to get out there, do my bucket list. The longer I wait to go to that museum or restaurant, the smaller the chance I have to go. I’m gonna make every day special, not just during December.

So, what do you do that makes you happy? Something you look forward to doing? Something you look forward to for this next year?

Let me know!

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