What I Want vs What I Need

I’ve struggled with the idea that what I want it is not necessarily what I need. Especially when it comes to anything Disney. And, as I become more of an adult with more responsibilities and more bills, I try to tell myself what is really more important.

In October, my fiance and I traveled to San Francisco for his birthday. Little did I know he was going to propose there. But, when he suggested the idea I immediately agreed. I’ve always wanted to go to San Francisco with him as I traveled there when I was younger and it was an amazing time. With 2020 being so uncertain I didn’t want to hold back. We told ourselves that we would pay for a nice hotel room and only eat at a nice restaurant for one of the nights. I planned a list of all the free sites we could go to and, my gosh, there were so many. I didn’t want to focus on the things we could buy to fill our car. We took our cameras and brought our own memories home with us. It was one of the best trips I’ve been on in my life.

Now, we have to decide whether or not we want to spend all our money on a giant ceremony or “elope”. My dream was to get married at Disneyland and have the most amazing ceremony ever. I understand now that it isn’t in the ceremony and just because we have a big wedding does not guarantee the marriage to work out. Honestly, I would spend over $20,000 for what? For it to be over in a matter of hours? I don’t want it to be like Christmas, where there is so much build up for this one day and then it’s over. Plus, we really want a honeymoon at Walt Disney World and I think that’s pretty worth to save our money.

A wonderful honeymoon and a beautiful home are my goals now. Every time I see something that I want at the store or online, I bring myself back to those two ideas. I’m gonna save as much as I can for those two goals. Hopefully, I can save for those two goals and develop better spending habits.

Do you have a spending habit? What’s your weakness?

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