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Finding Love in Reading Again


I don’t know when I stopped but I used to read all the time. Maybe it was when I moved halfway through high school or when I started dating my fiancé. I just know that’s it’s been a truly long time since I would spend every single day invested in a book.

Until now.

I just finished a book, which I will write a review for soon, in about 10 days. Twenty-four chapters in 10 days. Feels pretty good! Considering I was a bit rusty. But it was like getting in my car and driving home. Muscle memory, uh brain memory?

Just yesterday I finished the last ten chapters, I was so excited to read. Read that book but to be in my zone of reading. Turning on my fake fireplace with my coffee and my dog asleep next to me. For me, that’s as relaxed as I get.

Even though I’m grieving the book I just finished, I’ve already picked out my next one.

Have you ever been in a reading slump?

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