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puppers third birthday

My Puppers’ Third Birthday…. And I Can’t Believe It

I wasn’t going to give up on her. We weren’t going to give up on her. I didn’t care how much money it was going to take to heal her. I didn’t know what would happen even if we paid for the best care. As I stare at her now at three years old, I think back to when I thought I could lose her. How amazing and how powerful one’s love for a dog could be.

Like cracks in the sand from water carving through

My skin unwilling to shrink itself back

I hate them, I thought

“Love Marks” 2020

“My Diary from the Edge of the World”

Book Review

No, those don’t quite fit into these 375 pages of ups and downs. I continued to turn pages and just like the main character, Snow. I found myself pulled in different directions never set in one ideal. Once I closed the book, I knew I fell from a cliffhanger reaching for the sequel.

“Stealing Snow” Book Review

“Stealing Snow”

Book Review