I’ve Been Granted Time

I’ve been struggling with writing since I graduated college. It is what I’m supposed to do. It is what I talk about in my blog posts. All I can seem to write are these blog posts. At times these are hard to write too. When I was learning to write in college, I wrote a […]

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Christmas Lights

The sunlight finally disappears As the winter night emerges Cold tries to ruin the fun But those who are brave come prepared It’s time, they say, as they climb into their car Once, every year Only at this time She waited to see the magic That people hang on their houses Hot chocolate still hot […]

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“You know what never changes? Love” -Anna

(Also Inspired by “Birdsong” By Kina Grannis) Yes It’s cheesy To quote A disney movie But I love them Because  they make me  feel Alive I think of you Miss you Every Disney movie does this Maybe  I hold onto them Because …. Because Your name is  Tink And I want to  believe in Magic […]

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Inspired by “California” By Kina Grannis Sun? Always Rain? Sometimes Snow? Maybe Clouds? Often My roots are your Desert sands Mountain trees Coastal waters You’re filled with Adventure  Mystery Choas Because you gave memories of Laughter Sorrow Love Your  Sunsets… Your Stars… My creativity is made with every Santa Ana wind 110 Degree Summer Snow-less […]

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Drip Drip Drip Drip drip dripDRIPDRIPDRIP The bipolar personality has humans perplexed Coming and leaving quickly Sometimes staying, Undecided on its plan for the day dark and sad, they often say unique and beautiful, others say As it hides the sun, it bring with it Beauty, mystery, and cuddles The bitter cold forces those to […]

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Night blankets the sky

Calling all to lay into a state of unconciousness

But streetlights and nightlights awaken

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