Finding Love in Reading Again

I don’t know when I stopped but I used to read all the time. Maybe it was when I moved halfway through high school or when I started dating my fiancé. I just know that’s it’s been a truly long time since I would spend every single day invested in a book. Until now. I […]

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Breathe Deeply

The crackle of the tv fireplace Stirs my mind As I read others’ words Pausing  To breathe back in focus Continuing to add more on the to-do list But it does not include Peace Or  A quiet mind No I have to push those down For the magical lights have gone up While the night […]

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What’s it like?

What’s it like? To achieve the ultimate productivity Waking up to the first alarm No second spared To know what you want How to do it No hesitation Insecurities don’t swarm your head As you eat an breath in the same moment What’s it like? To have no fear Confidence swims fast through your blood […]

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Love Marks

Too young, I thought Not too big, I thought But there they were Hiding Under my arms On the inside of my legs The front of my breasts Like cracks in the sand from water carving through My skin unwilling to shrink itself back I hate them, I thought Then I started to change Everything […]

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Stealing Snow Book Review

picture of the book stealing snow

The story starts in a familiar and very modern environment but quickly slips into an alternate world filled with magic, good and evil, the grey area between the two parts. The readers getting little hints here and there of what’s really happening. Stealing Snow steers far from what we commonly read in YA novels. One love interest, a specific unwavering goal, and tying up loose ends.

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“You know what never changes? Love” -Anna

(Also Inspired by “Birdsong” By Kina Grannis) Yes It’s cheesy To quote A disney movie But I love them Because  they make me  feel Alive I think of you Miss you Every Disney movie does this Maybe  I hold onto them Because …. Because Your name is  Tink And I want to  believe in Magic […]

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Writer’s Block! Send Help!

Ugh! It’s been so hard to get myself to sit down and start writing even just one blog post! I’m starting to overthink my writing and what I’m writing. It began with a small break from writing a post and then it led to procrastination. I had stopped writing posts because I was busy celebrating […]

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The Best French Toast… Ever?

I saw a tweet that my boyfriend had retweet. It had posed the opinion, “French toast is better than pancakes”. What an educated idea! I thought as I took two second of my precious time to retweet it. French toast! Now I absolutely have to eat french toast. I proposed the meal idea to my […]

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Night blankets the sky

Calling all to lay into a state of unconciousness

But streetlights and nightlights awaken

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