‘Place’ I command Her four paws walking onto her bed, laying down This time, 30 seconds In a few days, 1 minute Waiting for the ‘Okay’ to be released She had it simple All she had to do was listen While I continued to wait Listening for that ‘Okay’ command Thinking I’m already in ‘Place’ […]

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Red- Orange Skin

The sun sits on top of the street As we walk across the warm asphalt It greets us with its new red-orange skin I can stare at you now The ash and smoke creating sunglasses During the day, the wind carries the ash Over the land Ash laying on parked cars Invading weak lungs While […]

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Stealing Snow Book Review

picture of the book stealing snow

The story starts in a familiar and very modern environment but quickly slips into an alternate world filled with magic, good and evil, the grey area between the two parts. The readers getting little hints here and there of what’s really happening. Stealing Snow steers far from what we commonly read in YA novels. One love interest, a specific unwavering goal, and tying up loose ends.

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